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ATTENTION: For Those who Don't want To Miss Out On "The Most Important Invention Since the Internet"...
Jeremy West
The "Dash Guru"
Discover What You Need To Know About Setting Up And Using Dash --"the new Bitcoin"
Why is dash the new bitcoin?
Dash (Digital cASH) is a new(er than bitcoin) cryptocurrency that was invented in 2014. 

It solves some big problems that bitcoin has not:

1. Decisions regarding the future of Dash are made by the shareholders (aka masternode owners), whereas in bitcoin they are made by the developers

2. Newly minted dash coins are split between security (aka miners) (45%), shareholders (aka masternode owners) (45%) and all other development, marketing and other network costs (10%), whereas in bitcoin they are paid 100% to security (aka miners)

3. This year, dash is releasing dash evolution, which is a decentralized web wallet that looks on the frontend just like PayPal or your bank’s app or website so that even Grandma can use it, whereas bitcoin continues to develop for nerds

4. Dash allows anyone to make a proposal to the shareholders (aka masternode owners) to make changes to the way dash works or even to get funding for a project to make dash better, whereas bitcoin has no such mechanism

5. Dash has a mixer built into the wallet for added privacy of your transactions, whereas bitcoin requires third party services to privatize your transactions

6. Dash has the option to pay a very small fee (US cents worth) to make your transaction instant, whereas bitcoin requires a relatively high miner fee (double digit USD worth at press time) just to have your transaction fully confirm within 1 hour

What is your #1 question regarding digital cash?
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About Jeremy
Jeremy West founded Spend Bitcoins, the first major way to spend bitcoins at Amazon and other major retailers, and the first major bitcoin exchange in Australia.
He later sold this company, but his interest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has only continued to expand. And he is now all in on Dash.

Now that bitcoin is continually setting new all-time highs, many people have been asking him to help them learn how to get involved in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (He is quite partial to Dash). Because of this, he realized that he could create the most value by focusing his efforts on helping people get acquainted with this new kind of bitcoin and answer their questions -- thus we built this seminar for you.
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